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Find a balanced solution

We need a balanced solution to climate change

Climate Change

  • We are not opposed to reasonable climate legislation. We are opposed to any legislation that sets unrealistic goals and timetables that may dramatically increase costs to consumers. With reasonable timetables and investments in technology, we can solve the problem without unreasonable costs to Americans.
  • We are diversifying our power supply to include wind, gas and waste heat. We also plan to build the nation's first cooperative-owned wind farm, and are pursuing conservation and efficiency programs. These efforts help limit the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air.
  • We stand ready to help solve the issue of climate change. We are responsible for the largest carbon capture project in the world and have proposed one of the most aggressive new technology programs anywhere in the world. We believe that through the development of new technology, we can keep our energy supply clean and reliable, we can have a strong economy and we can solve the issue of climate change.
  • Experts say that our nation's growing electricity needs will soon go well beyond what renewables, conservation and efficiency can provide.
  • Coal currently provides 50 percent of America's electrical energy and 80 percent of power to Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • The technical potential exists for the U.S. electricity sector to significantly reduce its carbon dioxide emissions over the next several decades, but no one technology will be a silver bullet - a portfolio of technologies will be needed.
  • Much of the needed technology isn't available yet - substantial research and development and demonstration is required.
  • A low-cost, low-carbon portfolio of electricity technologies can significantly reduce the costs of climate policy.

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